What Can AATABS Do For You?

Tax Preparation and E-Filing

AATABS specializes in tax preparation for individuals and businesses, including C-corps, S-corps, LLCs, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. And unlike many tax-prep places, we do NOT charge extra for E-filing. Why should we? It doesn’t cost us anything to do it! Learn more here.

Financial Advice

Anyone can benefit from a financial consultation. AATABS has years of experience in a wide variety of financial fields, including tax code, mortgages, insurance, investments, estate planning, corporations, and more. Learn more here.

Estate Planning

People often don’t properly prepare an estate plan. What happens when you die? Will your final expenses and your family’s well-being be taken care of? Without good estate planning, these questions might not have the answers your family needs. Learn more here.

Offer in Compromise

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, the Maine Revenue Service, or another state’s tax bureau, you might be able to get the amount owed substantially reduced through a process called Offer in Compromise. Learn more here.

Pre-Marriage and Divorce Financial Consulting

Marriage is a big step, and responsible people should seek pre-marriage financial consulting. Divorce is also a big step, and is another time when both parties can benefit from financial consulting. Learn more here.

Corporation Setup and Management

Calvin specializes in setting up corporations and educating clients about which corporation types are best for them.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

AATABS provides bookkeeping and payroll service to existing tax clients only. Learn more here.

Insurance Services (Life, Annuity, and More)

The most basic step in planning to support your family after you’re gone is to examine life-insurance options. There’s a lot to know, but AATABS can help you get there. Learn more here.