Bookkeeping and Payroll

  • Payroll we calculate payroll and prepare reports

    We will provide you with the data to write your own checks
    We can print checks if desired or pay through your banks bill pay

  • Bookkeeping we can do all the bookkeeping for you

    We can print your checks or pay bills or pay through your banks bill pay
    Prepare invoices

  • Human Resources – We can help you find staff saving you time weeding out applicants who do not check out

    We can set up and manage benefit plans that cost you little to zero dollars

  • Everything will be ready come tax time for us to prepare or use your own preparer

  • Provide clients with information needed to obtain all kinds of business loans along with personal banking support

  • We will help you with retirement planning

Services Starts at $750 per month

We do not provide Payroll Services independently of Bookkeeping Services