Financial Advice

AATABS provides financial advice through C.A. Future North America, Inc. (CAFNA). Financial advice can include individual, corporate, estate planning, and business-continuation planning. We also review existing pensions, insurances, and wills for possible gaps, redundancies, and waste. All work is provided on an hourly basis. We will gladly work with your existing advisors. We do not feel that it is our job to second guess what others have done for you but rather to explain how what has been done should work and make recommendations that might be required in order to be tax-compliant.

In many circumstances there has been no true coordination of the benefits and goals within each piece of the plan. We act as a team leader to make insure that each party has the information needed and that work is completed in a reasonable time.

Good examples of good plans gone bad include:

  • Having the wrong owner of an insurance policy for buy sell agreements
  • Attempting an estate freeze on a business value
  • Transfers of assets for less then market value
  • Failure to fund established trusts
  • Improperly gifting in excess of allowance
  • Failure to report certain gifts with IRS
  • Creation of extremely complex and wasteful insurance policies and trusts to transfer assets