Tax Preparation and E-filing

Tax Preparation

Unlike many preparers and do-it-yourself tax software, our fees include audit protection. We carry a general liability policy in the event we make an error as well as represent you before a tax authority in the event of an audit. The error has to be our mistake and we are only liable for the penalty and interest. You as the taxpayer are always responsible for any taxes. Any fees posted in this site are minimums charged for said services. Most people will fall into the minimum if you do not we will inform you prior to performing services.

At ATTABS we prepare:

  • Individual
  • C Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • LLCs and Partnerships
  • Real-estate investors
  • Investment specialists
  • Self-employed people, with a special concentration on farmers and fishermen
  • Trusts
  • Estates
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Trade unions

A Broad Range of Expertise

While it is not possible for any one person to be an expert in every possible tax aspect, ATTABS can prepare all needed tax returns. When in doubt about an issue, we utilize tax codes, trade groups, tax lawyers, and federal and state agencies to assist in questions. Preparers at ATTABS participate actively in continuing education and always welcome additional information you may have.

If you just have a W2 or two, it’s a lot easier, but once you start adding children, mortgages, rental properties, self-employment income, owned businesses, and other things, taxes become far more complicated. Don’t trust your finances to an unproven tax preparer who might not know the ins and outs of getting it done right.

Each person’s tax return is different, even if they seem identical on the surface. You might know of preparers that charged based upon the amount of your refund. This is not only unethical but a federal crime. I charge based upon the time needed to prepare, print, and answer your questions. When appropriate I make suggestions of how to reduce your taxes through planning. No preparer can help you after the fact; to reduce your taxes you must plan ahead.

Our Rates

The following rates are minimums charged; however, about 80% of the returns are prepared for the minimum rate. Prices listed include the e-file option if you desire unless noted.

$100.00 This minimum charge will take care of most individuals with just a single or two Forms W2, and with no mortgage, no investment income, no tuition college expenses, no medical bills, no pensions, etc. Includes e-file at no extra cost.
$5.00 Each additional W2 over the first two. Only applies for new W2’s; repeat customers don’t pay extra.
$10.00 For Earned Income Credit and additional child tax credit.
$10.00-$40.00 When Schedule A is needed and varies with time needed.
$30.00 Per rental property on an individual tax return.
$150.00 This is the minimum charge for self-employed people.
$400.00 For entity returns that need no book entry beyond depreciation and amortization or balance sheet reconciliation. Entity returns start at $400; 90% of entity returns are about $650.00.
$5.00 For each item of depreciation added to a return above three items.
$5.00 Payroll fee for each W2 and 1099, plus $5.00 for transmittal summary. We do not e-file these items.

All fees include basic answers to questions that you may have throughout the year. We are a full-service, year-round firm and generally will return any missed call within 24 hours 6 days per week. Exceptions are vacations, but we stagger our vacations so unless a very specific question is asked that may be unique to your situation anyone in the office is competent to assist you.

Payment for service is expected at time of completion. We do not offer credit or wait for you to receive a refund. Refund anticipation loans (RALs) are available for anyone wishing to have the tax preparation fee withheld from the refund. Unless you are an existing client or a personal referral of an existing client, we do not answer tax questions on the telephone. We are not an informational service and do not provide free advice for anyone. For payroll-related items and fees please see the Bookkeeping and Payroll page.

We Don’t Charge for E-Filing!

ATTABS, under the corporate name Queen City Tax and Business Service, is an IRS Authorized e-file provider. We do not charge additional fees for e-file services; however, we only e-file tax returns for taxes that we prepare. We will not e-file a return for a non-prepared tax return. At this time we do not e-file payroll or most entity returns.